Meyer pediatric hospital

Meyer Pediatric Hospital


The University Hospital of Florence Meyer is one of the most dynamic pediatric Italian and international reality. The Florentine hospital has 226 beds multi-specialty and it is equipped with all medical and surgical specialties of pediatric area. There is a strong commitment that the Meyer pours in science; One of the project is Young Researchers Project, that enables the most promising young professionals to be form in the most influential and international centers thanks to the support of the Hospital. This strong focus on integrated scientific research in clinical has allowed Meyer to become part of the worldwide network NACHRI (National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions), as well as having signed agreements with the first two pediatric hospitals in the world: the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Boston Children’s Hospital.

The Meyer Foundation was established as an operational tool synergistic Children’s Hospital for all activities that improve care and child care in the hospital and qualify the Meyer from the technical-scientific.