Blackshape Aircraft


In 2009 Luciano Belviso and Angelo Petrosillo win a competition announcement of the Puglia Region of 350 thousand euro for the promotion of start-up companies and with the support of a financier, dr. Vito Perth, create Monopoly Blackshape Aircraft. Initially the idea was to produce components for the aerospace district of Grottaglie, where Boeing and Alenia build the fuselages of the 787 Dreamliner (the only large aircraft with carbon components); then, instead, decide to create their own plane made entirely of carbon fiber and for drawing they call one of the three great Italian designers of aircraft, Bepi Vidor, who decides to take part in the project.

In two and a half years Blackshape Aircraft becomes the first industry in the world in the construction of ultralight aircraft carbon fiber (in a market, that of ultrathin, which has 17,000 pilots sport flying only in Europe) and after the two-seater with 1,500 km of autonomy and 340 per hour top speed, already are on track to produce a faster model: in 2015 will come out a “4 seats” EASA certified, that in Italy only Alenia, Agusta and Tecnam build. The “Ferrari of the skies”, call their ultralight the two entrepreneurs.

The German magazine Flieger Magazine, by an international panel of 100 independent journalists from all over the world, has awarded the company the award of Monopoly Flieger Magazine Award for realizing the best airplane in the world in 2013 in the ultralight category.