Christ is the answer


Since 1974 move around Italy living in containers and change location every six months. This seventy people is a group of evangelical named “Christ is the answer”, who chose a life in communities and nomadic. It is not the spirit of poverty and sharing, this kind of life allows them to reach more people in less time to convert the word of Jesus.
The origin of this group comes from the hippie community of the United States “Then there were all these guys who were going to die in Vietnam – said one of the leaders Paul came from Massachusetts – and to protest many of them threw themselves into drugs and sex. On the other side there were us, the “Jesus People”, who used to dress like them, like them we took the long hair but we were trying to teach other things: the love of Jesus”.
The Jesus People doesn’t exist in the U.S. in the same way of seventies, on the other hand there are many communities in Europe and other continents: Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Mexico, the Philippines, etc..
To bring the first group of believers in Europe was Grant, ex-broker in Florida who gave up earning a lot of money, have a villa and drive expensive cars to pursue a nomadic life traveling around the world in a container, to convert people to believe in the ‘true faith’. Departed from the United States toward Sweden, arrived soon in Italy where they learned to live and travel like the circus performers. At each stage can involve dozens of evangelical believers, seeking to help the community with small jobs, bring solidarity and support to migrants; in addition, they make performance in the streets to remember that salvation is to pray and worship Jesus. The members of the community are very different: there is still a core that comes from the original U.S., with children born and grew up in the camp, but also live within it evangelicals or ‘converted’ that have been added over the years. Often these are people who come from personal crises: disease, drug addiction, alcoholism, but also evangelicals who have lost their jobs and find an answer of life, in this sort of gypsy camp.
To date, in Italy, evangelicals are about 700,000.